Who we are

Urban Green Sydney is Sydney’s first commercial indoor farm! We specialise in microgreens and sprouts, but have plans to start farming small lettuces and other baby greens. It was founded in 2016, and now supplies product to many different restaurants around Sydney. See below for some of the clients we work with. 

Our goal is to be able to supply the local marketplace with sustainable, guilt-free, affordable
plant products. Everything from the packaging, to the growing medium, to the way we deliver,
is based on having as little environmental impact as possible.

Why Urban Green?

 Soon, almost 70 % of the human population will be living in urban centres.
Among the most pressing challenges is how we are going to grow enough food
to sustain such large numbers of people. Urban farming will therefore be an
extremely important part of the solution.

But it's not enough to simply grow food - the process must also be sustainable,
and be based on creating as little environmental impact as possible.
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Partnership with Forage Gourmet Edibles

We are proud to officially announce that Urban Green Sydney will be partnering with Forage Gourmet Edibles to bring a wide variety of locally grown baby herbs, edible flowers and specialty produce to kitchens across Sydney. The Forage Farm is located in Terry Hills, and has been supplying restaurants for 6 years as the premier supplier of baby leaf herbs and edible flowers in Sydney. Click on the picture for an up to date product list, and if you would like to order, simply send us an email. Orders must be in by latest 8 AM Tuesday morning for Wednesday delivery, and 8AM Thursday morning for Friday delivery.